Monday, February 22, 2016

Day 53 of 2016

It's been an odd day for pictures. 
After an eye doctor appointment this morning 
I took pictures of the beautiful reflections in the office building windows.  
The pictures all came out blurry and weird due to the fact that my eyes were dilated 
and I really couldn't see what I was doing.  
When I got home to make breakfast I cut open this most perfect avocado.  
Its color was a beautiful, perfect green.  
This picture doesn't show that.  
I tried to adjust the color to reflect the actual color I saw, 
but I recently updated my computer's operating system,
 and the photo edit controls have all changed,
 and I can't find the proper tool.  
So this is it for the day.  Tomorrow will be a better day.  
With all that said, I am loving my morning avocado these days.


  1. Love the surface! Great background for the yummy looking avocado!

  2. I like how you cut the avocado much like the cutting board...great idea! When we updated and the new program messed with my photo program I went back to the old one. I do not have time to learn something new;-)