Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 169 of 365

One of you said earlier in the year that you were not a fan of Yucca plants.
These are my Yuccas.  I did not plant them.  They came with the house.  
Well, I guess I technically did plant some of them.  
I moved some from one spot to another.  
They frame my driveway and welcome me home.  
They don't seem to want to bloom every year and I don't know exactly why.  
This year they decided to bloom.  
Here they are at just about dusk after a small downpour.  
I think they look like little bells.  
They make me smile.


  1. It is so pretty! I didn't know yucca plants bloomed (I have only seen pictures). The photo is perfect too.

  2. I Love yucca blooms - ours grow prolifically in the wild here.