Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 127 of 365

I got the jingle bell project done today.
I know you may not be able to tell exactly what is going on here so I will explain.
This is a wall of bells at the bottom of our stairs.  Since my stairs only have a wall on one side and spindles on the other, there is no place to attach a gate.  I know that this wall will not keep anyone safe from a fall down the stairs or keep anyone from going up the stairs if they are really determined, but with little girls running around the house at the speed of lightning, it will certainly serve as a great alarm system.  I will always know if someone is close to the stairs.

The "wall" is a series of jingle bells strung on thin elastic.  The elastic is then attached to the wall with screw eyes and detachable key rings.  The string of bells is strung back and forth from the wall, around the newell post and back.  I can undo the whole wall by detaching the key rings when no little ones are present.


  1. You have just 'cemented' your genius-hood for me'-) Great idea.
    blessings, jill