Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 67 of 2017

I know it is hard to tell but this young lady is made of glass
 and is nearly life-sized. 
I found her in January at a Goodwill store during my trip to Florida. 
As she is glass, I did not want to bring her home in my luggage for fear of breakage. 
As she is heavy, I did not want to bring her home in my carry-on bag. 
As it turns out, my Florida host drove down so I packed her in bubble wrap
 and put her in my sewing machine luggage to be brought home by car.  
I was just reunited with her last week and plan to find her a home in my studio.  
I believe she will make a great model for the hats I knit. 
Besides, she is blue and I love blue. 

(I believe we named this head, but I can't remember what it is.)

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