Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 339 of 366

What is it?

It also occurs to me that I never gave an answer to the question
what is it/where am I?
from day 278.
You were right if you guessed the stairs at the theater.
I have no "after" picture.
That would require me to go back to another movie 
and take another picture when the lights are on.
That hasn't happened.


  1. Too bad you haven't had a chance to go to the movies again! As for today's photo - my first thought was ice cubes but I cant work out the black bits on the top and then I thought lights at night from the car because I thought I saw a steering wheel... as you can tell, I have no idea!!!

    1. Aha - I am agreeing with Rachel and Jane now!!

  2. A buckle? Great back lights - as always an all around awesome photo!!

  3. Two frozen caterpillars, sitting on ice cubes, waiting for a bus in Minnesota. It would have been easier if it was in focus.
    (Was I right???)

  4. I would say the "foot" of a sewing machine (don't know if it's called a foot).
    Am I right ? ;-)

  5. It looks like a pressure foot on a sewing machine.