Sunday, December 13, 2015

Day 347/365

The lights are up on the house. 
It's a long story. 
When I was young we had colored lights on the tree and on the house.  I loved all the big colorful lights but especially the pink and purple ones. Sometime later in my adult life I became enchanted with white lights.  I changed the lights on our tree to white, put white lights on our house, trees and bushes, put electric candles in the windows, and even had white milk bottle luminaries lining the walk and driveway.  Over the years M has expressed her love of colored lights, but I have resisted the pressure to use them in my holiday decorating.  She used them to spruce up her dorm room and apartment at school and still has them up here at home, but I just couldn't be convinced to use the colors.  The lights available were so tiny and limited in the colors available on a strand.  So I told M a few years ago that when they came out with large colored lights that included purple and orange, I would put them on the outside of the house.  
That day has come.  
I think I am going to like it.

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