Monday, April 9, 2018

Day 99 of 2018

Last week was quite busy with appointments so I had very little time in my studio. 
I did get some fabrics picked out but no sewing happened. 
Over the weekend Fireball helped me dismantle the ironing surface
 on one of my sewing islands (more info about the islands here)
so I could do a slight revision of it for better functionality and to recover it.  
The revision build is complete and I have picked out the new fabric, 
seen here under my decision-making mess.  
Now the search is on for the staple gun.  It's here somewhere.  
In the mean time I can once again work on houses.  
I'm hoping that in a couple days I will have houses done for weeks 8 and 9. 
I'll post a picture. 

Edit:  I meant to say weeks 9 and 10!

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