Thursday, May 24, 2018

Day 144 of 2018

I went antique shopping with a friend today and got such a shock when I saw this 
that I had to take a picture. 
Here's the story.  
Back in a lonely corner of an antique mall fifteen miles north of my house 
I found stacks and stacks of issues of old LIFE magazines.  
This issue was on top of one stack and I glanced at it quickly 
so I could identify the woman on the front.  
From my upside-down view I could see on the label that it was sent to the town
 in which I lived for a very short period of time.  
Being curious, I looked to see the name on the label.  
Much to my surprise I recognized the name as my English teacher
 from my last year of high school.  
The date of the issue is November 16, 1953.  
It had been later stamped as property of our local public library.

So this magazine was delivered to my former high school teacher before I was born, 
made its way at some point to the public library in town, 
and finally, sixty-five years and seventy miles later, 
found itself in a place that I should discover it today.

To answer the question on a conversation-starter napkin we have in our kitchen, 
THIS is the most outrageous thing I saw today.

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