Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Day 162 of 2019

I have a Pinterest board called "Fun at Grandma's House."
I had a visitor today (GB#3) and decided to try out one of my pins. 
I figured what's the use of having things saved on Pinterest to do
 if you never do them. 
So today I made Sidewalk Chalk Paint.  
It worked pretty well and was fun to experiment with.  
When R came to pick up GB#3, she joined in. 
As I was looking at my pictures to choose one for the Picture of the Day, 
I noticed I spelled Bermuda wrong. 
I feel rather silly.  
If you know me, you know that this is not ok with me. 
I mean, I even proofread my texts before sending. 
I'll try to fix it tomorrow if there hasn't been any rain to wash it away. 
The next Pinterest project has been selected.  
It's going to be great fun!

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