Friday, November 22, 2019

Day 326 of 2019

When in Houston earlier this month, 
we had a discussion about Seven Sisters blocks and quilts. 
I mentioned that I had seen and taken a picture of a fabulous Seven Sisters quilt
 in Paducah many years ago.  
I had begun my own version of it and would send evidence when I found it.  
Well, here is the photo and my one almost finished block. 
According to the information I wrote on the back of the photo, 
it was taken in 1998. 
 It was one of the first, if not the very first, 
years I made the trip to attend the quilt show. 
All the merchants downtown had decorated their store windows with quilts.  
This quilt top was in the window of a shoe store and I was quite taken by it.  
We went inside to get a better look and to ask if it was okay to take a picture.  
They said yes and even offered to get the top down so we could really look at it, 
which they did. 
This block was to be the beginnings of my own quilt in the pattern
 and a nice take-along hand project.  
It turns out I do not enjoy the EPP (English paper piecing) process 
so it remains unfinished.  
Maybe I will find that last piece and finish it 
so I can put it with my other orphan blocks 
and eventually find a home for it.


  1. A good little story. In 80 years time 3 friends will be sifting through a box of orphan blocks, inspecting them and looking at the quality of the sewing and wondering if they can use them in a friendly challenge?! Are all the blocks the same size? Are the corners cut off? Hehehe. Seriously, four blocks will make a nice wee wallhanging or cushion cover. PS love those colours.

  2. Fabulous! Oh the orphan blocks we all acquire !