Thursday, May 7, 2020

Day 128 of 2020

3,999 pieces. 
37 3/4" x 53 1/2"
Finished at approximately 2:45 this morning. 
My first puzzle update was April 4th and my first mention was March 30th 
so I estimate that I started it around April 1st.
I worked on the puzzle alone and at times early on wasn't sure I could finish it, 
 but I knew if I put it away, I would never get it back out to try again.
During this time I have also made mug blocks, challenge blocks and masks, 
watched movies, walked, painted, lopped tree limbs and baked, lots of baking. 
There have been days in which I did not work on the puzzle at all 
and on others I did nothing but work on the puzzle. 
I'm not taking it down any time soon 
so I will keep looking for piece number 4,000. 
It's here somewhere.

If you'd like to look back at my puzzle journey and progress, 
scroll down on the blog 
until you see the section called Labels on the left sidebar
 and click on "puzzle."


  1. I am totally blown away that you have finished the puzzle so soon. Really enjoyed your updates and progress from start to finish. Well done!!!


  2. The puzzle is amazing. It's great that you decided to persevere and not give-up on it (like I would have probably done. I am crossing my toes that you find the missing 4,000th piece soon. I would be baking up a storm right along with you, but I cannot find sugar anywhere - maybe it's just as well since I have never met a carb I did not love. Are you going to seal the puzzle & hang it? Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!