Sunday, December 13, 2020

Day 348 of 2020

Since things are not normal this year and we will have no guests for Christmas, 
we will probably only get out the small white tree. 
I think I'm not even going to have Fireball go up to the attic
 to bring down ornaments. 
He did find a good stack of greeting cards
 from past Christmases somewhere in the house,
 so I think I'll see how many of these ornaments made with circles I can make. 
It will be nice to have family and friends represented on our tree. 
(These circles are not from cards
 but from leftover pieces of that calendar I was cutting.)



  1. Lovely idea. I put up my tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Usually don't do this quite so early, but just wanted to brighten the house up with some holiday joy! Only doing the one tree this year as no family will be able to be here.

  2. Wow do those circles bring back memories! I made my first card ball in second grade. My mom still hangs it. Still holds together after 50 years. Maybe the year to replace it! Thank you for the lift of my spirits.