Sunday, June 10, 2018

Day 161 of 2018

A much needed rain is falling.
In my quest to get the previous picture, 
I stood on a chair and opened the window with no screen 
for a clear view of the falling rain 
and lovely drips on my bird feeders.  
While standing on the chair with the window open and a clear path into my house, 
this little lady buzzed just a few feet from me.  
She then found her way back the other direction to the feeder.  
I was so stunned that I gasped and was not able to get a good clear photo.  
If you know hummingbirds, 
you know that they move very fast and my autofocus could not keep up, 
so please pardon the very fuzzy picture.  
I am encouraged that the birds are finding their way back to my feeders 
after the two year break.  
I am excited to try to capture the birds that come to visit, 
maybe with my camera set on manual focus.

1 comment:

  1. Impressive hummingbird photo. Good luck capturing those rascals. They are not only fast, but elusive. Somehow they always know when I'm trying to snap a photo and divert away at the last second. The only species of hummingbird at my feeder is a red throat.