Sunday, July 8, 2018

Day 189 of 2018

I found a few treasures at the antique mall. 
The bear paw quilt top is probably the only way 
I will ever end up with a red and white quilt.  
It has just nine blocks but measures 76x78.  
It is both faded and stained in spots. 
The two 9-patch tops are made with many of the same fabrics and blocks,
 are similar in size at approximately 69x87, 
and I am sure were meant to be a pair by the maker.  
My favorite of these 9-patch tops is the one on the right.  
Unfortunately, someone has washed these two tops 
and the one in the middle has blocks that are falling apart as a result.
The vendor acknowledged this and sold it to me for half the asking price.  
I might consider taking it apart to use the good blocks 
to make the other one a bit larger. 
We'll see. Maybe I will be up for an attempt at the repairs. 

1 comment:

  1. You MUST make a red and white quilt, what's holding you back?!?!?! The antique one you found is a treasure, I'm so happy it found a good home.