Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Day 100 of 2019

Here is my first update on the repair of this quilt. 
I have removed all the blocks or parts of blocks that need replacing. 
After doing so, I can see the original colors of the fabrics 
that were hidden in the seams. 
Rather than selecting replacement fabrics based on the faded, 
yellowed and dirty state of the current fabrics, 
I have decided to use fabrics
 that represent the fabrics that were originally chosen.  
This way when the new ones get faded, yellowed or dirty, 
they will be more likely to look as though they belonged all along.  
My logic may be faulty but it is my logic and I am sticking with it.  
Not shown here is the drawing on graph paper of the missing blocks 
and the surrounding design that I have done
so I can determine how many pieces of each shape and color 
I will need from the new fabrics.

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  1. Did you find a signature or any indication who made this quilt? I admire your talents.