Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Day 204 of 2020

Next UFO is up on the wall. 
This was a sew along with Stitch Supply Co. in 2018. 
I participated for the first ten weeks 
and then had to stop due to family matters. 
I have 80 blocks done with 52 left to go. 
I learned a lot from the Mugs quilt sew along I just finished. 
I know that I get overwhelmed by making decisions. 
Trying to pick fabrics every week for the current blocks 
and then making them is too much for me. 
Once I figured this out, 
I decided to pick all the fabric for the remaining blocks. 
What a difference that made. 
Each week all I had to do was cut and sew. 
To finish this quilt, called Village, 
I am not only picking all the rest of the fabrics, 
but I am also cutting all the pieces. 
I have selected 38 more and have begun the cutting. 
I will select the rest tomorrow. 
This method lets me sit down to sew a little with whatever time I have 
without having to first make major decisions.


  1. I try to line up my fabrics for blocks before starting on a project like this. Just feel it goes so much faster with the decisions made before cutting. Really want to make a house/village quilt, it's on my list.

  2. I'm a bit the same, trying to make those decisions takes all my time, the sewing is a breeze. Have fun with it!