Monday, July 27, 2020

Day 209 of 2020

Village update. 
It has taken me way longer than I expected to choose and then cut 
the rest of the fabric for the remaining fifty-two house blocks. 
It currently stands like this. 
The rest are chosen. 
All but those in the bottom right corner are cut. 
I just took those fabrics out of the dryer 
and hope to get them finished tomorrow. 
Something did occur to me tonight as I was thinking about the progress. 
On the first round of blocks I made certain weeks represent certain holidays. 
I had forgotten that there were a couple more special days 
I had hoped to represent so I may still have to make a few more. 
I may end up with a whole row of extras across the back of this quilt...
or maybe I'll have to make a table runner.


  1. Oh it's going to look great Sharon! Great organising and also a decent sized design wall - mine always seems to be just a little too short!

  2. Cannot wait to see the finished product.