Thursday, November 19, 2020

Day 324 of 2020

As you know when I am looking for something, I often don't find it. 
Sometimes, like tonight, 
I find one thing I have been looking for on another occasion
 but couldn't find then. 
I also tend to find things I forgot I had, 
forgot what I was doing, or just have no idea. 
This would be an example of that. 
At first I couldn't even figure out what it was. 
It's on the design wall now and I can see what is going on better. 
I'm sure I was waiting until I decided on a border fabric
 to finish all the outside edges of the blocks.. 
I can also see that there are seams that I have taken apart. 
Now I remember there was some issue that was going to result in missing points
 that I could not immediately remedy. 
This is probably the reason it had to go to time out.
I have no idea what pattern this is or how I cut the pieces. 
The result is likely to be a fairly small quilt. 
Now that I know sort of what is going on here, I'll probably put it away again. 
I need the design wall for a top I'm currently working on, 
I really prefer to make larger quilts right now, 
and I have way too many projects that come before this one.


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