Sunday, November 22, 2020

Day 327 of 2020

I found a couple little cross stitch  patterns that I thought were cute 
so I thought I would raid my stash of embroidery floss 
to see if I had the colors to make one of them. 
After I finally got the numbers more or less converted to the kind of floss I own, 
I looked in the three-drawer container of floss and 
this is the only color I had on the entire list.



  1. It is too bad that I live so far away from you. I have all the colors neatly arranged and on plastic spool cards. It took five of those compartment boxes and a lot of time-but over the years, it has been highly productive.

  2. O golly - what started out to be a simple thing, finding a few threads - sounds like a major hunt and sort!