Friday, August 6, 2021

Day 218 of 2021

Here is today's progress on the special project. 
I had made a mistake in my car knitting and couldn't work it out
 so I ripped back about two and a half rows and put in a lifeline. 
Ideally this is done before it is needed, not after as I did here.
I continued from there, finished the second repeat of this second pattern
 and put in another lifeline. 
Only one is pictured here and I don't know if you can see it very well. 
It is the pale green yarn. 
I have learned my lesson and will continue to do the same as I continue. 
I have talked about lifelines before here
In lace knitting one will put in a lifeline in an uncomplicated row 
and mark it on the pattern in case a mistake is made. 
Ripping back to an easily recognizable row, not too far back, 
is better than having to start completely over. 
Go take a look if you feel so inclined.  

Also this pattern includes P2tog tbl. 
(purl 2 together through back loop) 
I was finding this very difficult to do with my yarn and slippery needles
 without much time and frustration. 
Rather than changing needles, I researched an easier way to do P2tog tbl 
and found a wonderful video that not only makes the stitch easier to do
 but also makes the stitch look better. 
I hope something in this post has or will make your knitting life easier.


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  1. Yes, it has.
    I won't even attempt a pattern this complicated now!