Sunday, August 29, 2021

Day 241 of 2021

The most important thing in this picture is in the upper left corner. 
There are two closets in this room that sit side by side. 
Each has a light that turns on by a switch between the closets. 
Up until today these lights were fluorescent fixtures. 
The light bulbs were very expensive to replace. 
The lights would sometimes come on and sometimes would not. 
The closet on the right had an especially difficult time. 
The light would come on and then shut off. 
Sometimes it would come back on and sometimes it would not. 
Today I mentioned that we should replace them right now. 
We agreed that we should go look for an LED option. 
So we did just that and got the whole job done in an hour 
that we have been talking about for years. 
The one thing that is scary is that the fixture in the right closet
 was very hot when we took it down.
 The wall behind the fixture was very hot also. 
I can't help feeling lucky that the overheated light didn't cause a fire. 
Now I am convinced
 that we need to replace the rest of the closet lights in the house.


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